A safer, better, fairer … better Winnipeg.

A Message From Judy

Winnipeg is a proud city, rich with natural beauty, vibrant neighbourhoods and the friendliest people in Canada.

It’s the city I chose to raise my children, and the city I was tremendously proud to represent on the national stage as a Member of Parliament.

I made the decision to run for Mayor because like many Winnipeggers, I know we have an opportunity to make our great city even stronger. With your support, I know we can ensure the future of our city is as bright as Winnipeg’s proud past.

I believe Winnipeggers, no matter where in the city they live, have the right to know their city is moving forward in the right direction, growing stronger with each passing day.

To me, that means a Mayor who will stand up for our city with vision and with pride.

It means creating opportunities that make our young people want to put down roots right here at home.

It means a Mayor who will work with our business community to help our local businesses thrive, and a Mayor who will create an open, transparent City Hall where the door is open to everyone.

Most of all, it means a full-time Mayor who will work tirelessly to help make every neighbourhood in our city safe, welcoming and full of hope and opportunity.

Winnipeg is our city. It’s our home. And it’s time for a Mayor who will get our city moving again.

I hope you’ll join me on October 27. Making Winnipeg work for you will be my highest priority as your Mayor.

Judy Wasylycia-Leis