A safer, better, fairer … better Winnipeg.

Judy’s Plan

A vote for Judy Wasylycia-Leis is a vote for a real plan to get City Hall working for Winnipeg families again — a plan for a welcoming, safe, vibrant city that Winnipeggers can be proud of.

Download Judy’s Plan for a Stronger Winnipeg (pdf)

In Depth: Taxes and Infrastructure | Ending the Secrecy | Crime Reduction | A Greener City | Kids and Families | Seniors | A Liveable Downtown | Arts & Culture | Rapid Transit | Affordable Housing | Including Aboriginal People at City Hall

As mayor, Judy will:

  • put the priorities of Winnipeg families back on the agenda at City Hall, by bringing an end to the secret contracts and backroom deals, and instead restoring transparency, integrity and accountability.
  • end the era of neglect of Winnipeg’s crumbling infrastructure and services, with clear plans to start reinvesting in our neighbourhoods, our families and our kids.
  • bring in the first comprehensive community-safety plan in six years, to finally stop ignoring the causes of Winnipeg’s growing crime problem.
  • get moving with real plans for a clean, green, vibrant and welcoming city, with strong neighbourhoods, respect for families and seniors, and real opportunity for our young people.

Find out more about the issues that are important to you below (and check back often as we continue to update this page over the course of the campaign).

  • Property Taxes and Infrastructure Reinvestment

    With crumbling services and infrastructure city-wide and an infrastructure deficit pegged at $4 billion, Winnipeg’s City Hall can no longer ignore the urgent need to start reinvesting and rebuilding in our communities. Judy Wasylycia-Leis has a clear plan to end the neglect of our city and finally begin to reinvest.

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  • Ending the secrecy, restoring respect for families at City Hall

    Winnipeggers are deeply concerned with a City Hall that has grown increasingly secretive and less transparent. Sam Katz’s refusal to disclose even basic details of a 30-year, closed-door sewage deal is the most flagrant example of the culture of secrecy at City Hall.

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  • Reversing Winnipeg’s crime trend

    While crime rates in other Canadian cities continue to fall, violent crime in Winnipeg remains on the rise. The difference is simple — while other cities have introduced meaningful crime-reduction strategies that balance stronger enforcement with initiatives to address crime’s root causes, Sam Katz’s City Hall has failed to introduce a detailed crime plan despite six full years in office. Judy will end the complacency at City Hall on this critically-important issue by bringing in a first comprehensive crime strategy for Winnipeg.

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  • A real plan for a greener Winnipeg

    Judy is committed to building a green, vibrant, active city with strong, welcoming, inclusive neighbourhoods.

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  • More programming for kids and families

    As Mayor, Judy will move forward with a package of new supports for the city’s 66 community centres to increase programs for kids, families and seniors while helping dedicated community-centre volunteers spend less time worrying about administrative paperwork and more time serving the needs of neighbourhood families. Wasylycia-Leis has announced three new initiatives to increase programming and strengthen Winnipeg’s community centres both for families and volunteers.

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  • An age-friendly city that respects Winnipeg seniors

    As Mayor, Judy will invest in the quality of life of Winnipeg’s senior citizens with a focus on putting Winnipeg on the path to becoming an Age-Friendly City.

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  • A vibrant, welcoming, liveable downtown

    Vibrant new spaces for the arts, family-friendly recreation facilities, community meeting places, more opportunities for downtown living, and street-level shops and eateries will have a home in new multi-storey, mixed-use buildings that will rise in Winnipeg’s downtown as part of a broader strategy to reduce surface parking lots and increase downtown vitality.

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  • Leadership in Arts and Culture

    Winnipeg is known for its rich cultural landscape. People around the world make reference to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, The Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers, the Manitoba Opera Association, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the International Children’s Festival, the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Folklorama, the cutting edge visual arts community and the thriving theatre scene. Newcomers to Winnipeg praise the cultural wealth of this city.

    As Mayor, Judy Wasylicia-Leis will work towards making Winnipeg the national leader in Arts and Culture.

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  • Getting Rapid Transit Done

    Winnipeg needs a transportation development plan and a rapid transit system. Everyone agrees the City has grown to the size that a new, inexpensive and environmentally sensitive system of moving people around is needed.

    Judy has a plan to get rapid transit done in Winnipeg.

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  • Affordable Housing

    There is a critical shortage of affordable housing in our city. Winnipeg needs a mix of housing options to accommodate the needs of the existing population. A sufficient supply of affordable housing is also essential if we are to attract new businesses and grow our economy. Housing is a major consideration for individuals and families choosing a community to call home.

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  • Including Aboriginal People at City Hall

    Our city has a lot of work to do to raise the standard of living for Aboriginal people. While a Mayor cannot alone eliminate Aboriginal poverty, she can show leadership on the issue. There is much that the city can do, working in collaboration with the Aboriginal community and other key stakeholders to improve social and economic outcomes for Aboriginal people, and to support Aboriginal peoples in their attempts to gain social inclusion.

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